On the right side is another little place where you're gonna go later on in the Story: Safe Muffins

Welcome. You Found Me. 

I'm back. Yay for Lo-Fi web pages. 

Why yes, I am a fan of Negativland. How did you know? Culture Jamming FTW.

So, here I am. On zee web again. I have some plans for the future. Not entirely sure how they're all going to shake out at the moment.

Nonetheless, I can tell you I have abandoned Tumblr, I have no interest in Wordpress anymore and I just can't bring myself to do VPS hosting.

So, I suppose that means I'll be sticking to a simpler website. My goal is to use this website, and ditch my allmylinks page. (DONE!)

As time goes on, I'll be adding stuff here. In the meantime, there's not much here. I'm fairly active on Discord and Bluesky these days; that said...I'm thinking about some other plans.