On the right side is another little place where you're gonna go later on in the Story: Safe Muffins

About Moi. 

Just a regular normal person on the internets. 

But in all seriousness. I'm just a Gen X guy who gets cranky sometimes. Some quick facts:

I'm a Chicago native.
I currently live in Northwest Indiana.
I like playing the vidya games.
I enjoy baking.
I have two grown adult daughters.
I have a 9 and 3 year old.

Mom started out as a main frame administrator, and mid life switched it up and became a pastry chef. Dad was a printer/printing press repairman. I grew up with computers, desserts, and offset lithography. Come at me bro.

These days, I live with my partner, and my two young ones. I'm a retired IT Manager, but now I'm a stay at home dad. I potter about my house, fixing what's needed. I love to woodwork, and have a shop in my garage. I'm also a big fan of computer retro these days. Everything from Emulation of things (especially pre-1990) and stuff like old computer culture.

I also do baking when time permits. Love making the muffins.

Why Safe Muffins? Just a reference to 180-G, a spoken word sound collage by Negativland.

Questions? Comments? Hit me up on Bluesky.